Wrapping up my Blogging Experience

They say all good things must come to an end. As many of you know, this blog has been a requirement for my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media class at Texas State University. It started out as just another dreaded assignment but turned into something I’ve really enjoyed and am very proud of. Some tools I used when blogging that were effective were being as conversational as possible. I tried to put in a lot of my own personal voice, so that my readers could not only relate to my blogs but also feel as if I was talking directly to them. I tried to be as relatable and intriguing as possible. Another effective tool I used was trying to incorporate eye-catching images to give readers a break from all the text, and overall to create a balance between image and text.

Tools that weren’t as effective were writing lengthy blogs and not chunking up the information enough. I feel that most of the topics I covered were interesting, but a couple posts definitely took some more patience to get through than others. I would want to improve on making my images even more aesthetically appealing and including more graphics. I would also want to incorporate more videos to give readers and viewers more incentive to visit my blog. This experience could benefit me in the future by potentially being able to monetize this skill. I think that with the right marketing approach, I could actually gain a following of people that are genuinely interested in what I have to share. Then from there, be able to make some money. I could definitely see myself implementing these tools professionally in the future. Whether that be in an internship, or being hired by a company to blog for them. I think there’s a big opportunity there and one that I’m really interested in and excited about.


My most popular week was October 12 – 18 with 10 visitors and 20 views. My most popular post of the year was one titled “5 Easy Tips on How to Stay Healthy in College,” with 14 views. I think this is because many students want to know how to stay healthy in college and appreciate that the tips are coming from a college student like them. It’s a post that college students can relate to, and is a subject that many students and young adults are intrigued by. I was surprised that one of my views came from Mexico! It’s so cool to be able to reach out to different kinds of communities but even more amazing to reach a different country altogether!


Animal Cuts Supplement Review

20151204_162323_resizedHello everyone! Today I want to do something a little different and take some time to review a supplement that I’ve been taking regularly. The supplement is called Animal Cuts made by Universal Nutrition. The product is supposed to shred body fat, support a healthy appetite, boost thermogenesis (produce heat in the body to aid in weight loss) and reduce excess water weight. It’s a product recommended for men. This product can be purchased at any vitamin and supplement store such as Complete Nutrition, Vitamin World, GNC and others. It can also be purchased online at Amazon, etc.

This product was actually recommended to me by my good friend and workout partner, Matt. He had been taking it over last summer and said it gave him great results. I’m usually pretty skeptical about nutritional supplements, because I don’t want to spend money on a product that doesn’t help me produce results. However, Matt is someone whom I trust and after seeing his results and doing research of the product on my own, I decided to give it a shot. 20151204_162509_resizedI started the cycle on November 18 and have just under a week left. The Cuts come in capsules of nine per pack, and they recommend users take two packs a day for best results. You’re supposed to take one pack when you wake up and the other about 4-6 hours later. The packs should be taken with a small meal and you should stay well hydrated while on the product. I try to drink about a gallon of water everyday.

The first day I started taking the Cuts, I noticed a couple different side effects. I had a head in the clouds sort of feeling and experienced some slight heartburn. With any new product, you always want to give your body time to adjust so I pressed on and stuck with it. At first I only took one pack a day for the first couple of days, but after that I started taking two packs once my body could handle it. The heartburn only happens if I don’t eat with it, so I always make sure to have some kind of food in my stomach. I noticed increased energy in my workouts and was able to go for longer without getting tired so easily. After just one week of taking the Cuts and working out everyday, I had already lost four pounds and saw less fat around my midsection. I’ve had increased bowel movements, but this is how your body loses weight and it’s a small price to pay when you’re getting the results you want.

20151204_163421_resizedCurrently, I have noticed more definition in my arms and have a flatter stomach. I’m starting to achieve that ‘cut’ look. After my three week cycle is finished, I’ll take a week off the product as recommended while continuing to work out. Then I’ll decide if I want to do another cycle. I’m happy with the results I’ve achieved and the gains I’ve made in just this short time. I give this product a thumbs up and recommend it to any man looking to shred body fat and get the most out of your workouts. Of course, you should be eating healthy and working out regularly while on the product. I’d say at least three times a week. I look forward to trying other supplements in the future, but right now I am definitely satisfied with Animal Cuts as a whole. If you’re ready to start seeing noticeable results for yourself, be sure to give it a try!


Glass of waterFor many years people have fasted. What is fasting, you may ask? Fasting is abstaining from all food and drink except for water for a period of time. From the religious aspect, Christians do this because the bible says so. In the bible, Jesus tells his followers to fast because it is a way of seeking him and receiving his blessings in return. Whether you’re religious or not, fasting is actually really good for your body. Now it’s easier said than done, but when you set your mind to it and believe that you can do it, it becomes possible.

There are many kinds of fasts that people have tried. There are juice fasts, skipping a meal here and there fasts, vegetable fasts, and of course the traditional not eating anything at all fasts. The health benefits to fasting are really good for you, but fasting must always be done in moderation and according to the person doing it. Everyone is different, so you can’t expect everyone to do the same kind of fast for the same amount of time. You have to take the proper precautions when participating in a choice like this and be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the duration of the fast.

Plate and SilverwareBasically, all the food we eat over the course of our lives produces waste. This waste is obviously excreted naturally. However, we never really give our bodies a chance to get rid of so many toxins and harmful chemicals in the foods we consume that build up over the course of years. When we fast, we allow for built up toxins to be excreted without constantly continuing our food intake at the same time. Studies have shown that fasting intermittently aids in weight loss, lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol. Also, you’re consuming less calories which helps to boost your metabolism. It’s effective in helping loose weight and belly fat.

If you do decide to give fasting a try, when done in moderation it can only benefit you. Make sure you’re monitoring your body regularly and not causing any harm. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns on whether or not this would benefit you specifically. Fasting is challenging but possible. Does it work? There’s only one way to find out.

The Importance of Relaxation and Meditation

Pool side chillin Today in our fast-paced society, thinking about setting aside time to relax is often overlooked. We get up every morning and immediately, events and plans we have for the day start to flood our minds. We all know how it is, morning workout, class by 10, homework, study, exams, projects, work, it takes a lot out of you. Once you get home you still have to make dinner, walk the dog, wash the dishes, etc. This leaves little time for you. It’s important to set aside time in your day specifically for you to just relax with whatever activity it is you enjoy the most. We all need a little something to take our minds off that stressful day on campus or in the workplace. Whether it’s taking a nice bubble bath, reading a good book, or simply meditating for a while, relaxing and unwinding does the body good.

There are many health benefits to relaxation and meditation. Relaxing protects your heart. The reason being is because when you’re stressed out, it can cause other major risk factors such as hypertension and high blood pressure that cause the heart to have to work harder to support you. When you relax, the stress diminishes and your heart isn’t under so much pressure. Relaxing can lower your risk of catching a cold, having a stroke and suffering from depression. It also helps you keep a clear head, which in turn helps you make better decisions. Pool day chill

Meditation is great, because it allows for you to clear your mind from the stresses and worries of the day. When you keep a level head, you’ll have better decision making strategies and be able to think clearly. Meditation allows for you to be alone with your thoughts and to organize them. You’ll be surprised to see the creativity you have when you let your mind be free. Nobody wants to live a stressful life, but sometimes you have little control over the challenges life throws at you. Always remember that just because you can’t control what challenges come your way, you can always control how you deal with the situation. So take a deep breath, clear your mind, sit back and relax.

A Blog Review Similar to Mine

Image from the Flexi Foodie Academy
Image from the Flexi Foodie Academy

Hello everyone. This blog post will be different from the ones I’ve been posting before. In this blog post, I will review Julie Montagu’s blog called The Flexi Foodie. First of all, I’d like to start out by saying what an incredible woman Julie actually is. She studied for a Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. She’s also a Certified Holistic Health Counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. Julie is also a certified yoga instructor. As you can see, Julie has experience and the education it takes to help share and inspire others through so many different forms of positivity. All of this, and she’s beautiful too!

I really enjoy reading her blogs, because I can see how much passion she has about the subjects she covers. Not only does she post about some really delicious healthy meals and desserts, but her inspiring positive outlook on life is conveyed over and over in her content filled posts. She talks a lot about the importance of a plant-based diet and yoga. She believes that they go hand in hand. Her aim is to educate people on why they should want to eat more like this. She also makes it easy to see the benefits of yoga.

Julie truly is an inspiring woman and blogger. I like how it’s easy to see how much experience and wisdom she has through her posts. She focuses a lot on how to be genuinely happy. She does a great job with addressing the things people think they need to be happy in life and focuses on the fact that it’s not the end result that people should be concerned with. I love how she mentions that the journey is the most beautiful part, and that you should be concerned with the path your taking, not just the end goal. She gives great tips on how to love yourself and how to maintain optimum body positivity. Overall, I like that she just makes you feel good about yourself and inspires you to keep on smiling because in the end you’re going to get out of life what you put in.